Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Hung Parliament in Britain encourages talks between The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats

The most awaited result of Great Britain elections has
come and as predicted it shows a hung parliament. The Conservatives won most seats but not enough to secure a majority and are looking to the third-biggest party, the Liberal Democrats, for support to form a government.

Gordon Brown, showing character after getting fewer seats than conservatives, says he "respects" the right of Mr. Clegg to negotiate to David Cameron first. But if that fails he recommended Labor could do a deal with the Lib Democrats.

Conservative leader Mr. Cameron said he wants to make a "big, open and comprehensive offer" to the Liberal Democrats to "work together" in the national interest.

Mr. Clegg began meeting his frontbench MPs at 1030 BST and will meet his wider parliamentary party at 1200 BST to discuss Mr. Cameron's proposals in the result of general election to constitute a hung parliament since 1974. The party's federal executive, its governing body, will meet at 1700 BST.

Simon Hughes of Lib Democrats is hopeful that two parties will agree on working together but at the same time he wants liberal democrats not to forget their principles.

He says, “We will also make sure we don't betray our principles”. 

Cameroon Offers Liberal Democrats:- 

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