Sunday, August 15, 2010

UN Secretary General asks for More International support for Pakistan's Flood Victims

President Zardari meets UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
U.N Secretary General Ban Ki-moon travelled to Pakistan on Sunday where he urged international donors to step up aid for millions of victims of the country's worst humanitarian tragedy. The U.N chief met both Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani and President Asif Aliz Zardari to discuss relief efforts.

The floodwaters have swamped thousands of villages and towns, washed away roads, key bridges, crops, and livestock. Pakistan’s sources say that the shocking floods, triggered by heavy monsoon rains, have disrupted lives of up to 20-million people across the country.

U.N Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says his visit to Pakistan's flood-hit areas was meant to share his sympathy and unity of the United Nations with both the government and the Pakistani people.

Mr. Ban said, "I am here also to urge the world community to speed up their assistance to Pakistan people".

The United Nations has appealed for 460-million dollars to deal with the instant repercussion of the floods. But U.N officials say foreign aid has been slow in coming and only 20 percent of its initial appeal has arrived so far.

Mr. Ban said, "We will try to mobilize all necessary assistance and remember that the whole world is behind the people of Pakistan in this time of trial".

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