Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Celebration Preparation in the World

New Year night is not an event that one can get pleasure from on regular basis. To participate in the festivities of New Year one has to wait a whole year.  The preparation of New Year starts one month before 31st December. Every country of the world prepares for the New Year celebration in a grand way. As the clock tick 12 New Year celebration starts everywhere.

Sydney is the major city where the New Year celebration starts first because the clock ticks 12 first in Sydney as compared to other cities and countries. Australians get together at park alongside the Sydney harbor bridge to see the view of New Year's Eve fireworks kicking off celebrations around the world.

In New Zealand city Auckland and capital, Wellington, firework, dance and singing event occur in the midnight hours for the celebration of New Year The tallest tower in the southern hemisphere Sky Tower celebrates the new year by lighting up Auckland's sky with fireworks from the top of the tower..

European people also enjoy the New Year celebration as they want to forget the worries of past years. As in this year the economic situation was very bad in Europe. The New Year is greeted with private fireworks. This day is also the occasion to make bonfires of discarded Christmas trees in some countries

In the united state it is a tradition that people spend the time of New Year with their love ones. A toast is made to the New Year, with kisses, firework and parties according to their customs. In New York City, the 11,875-pound (5,386-kg), 12-foot-diameter (3.7-m) Times Square Ball located high above Times Square is lowered starting at 11:59 p.m., with a countdown from :10 seconds until :01, when it reaches the bottom of its tower. The arrival of the New Year is announced at the stroke of midnight with fireworks, music and a live celebration that is broadcast nationwide.

The New Year celebration occurs with high enthusiasm in England. The New Year observes just by having parties among the families and friends or assembling at a pub or club. As the clock tick 12 people enjoy the time with cheering, whistling, hooting, kissing and drinking toasts. The tradition of exchanging gifts is broadly famous in England.

In Taiwan, the end of the year celebrates with concerts held in cities including Taiyuan, Taichung, Taipei, and Kaohsiung. Last year, the nation used higher technology to communicate among the cities via video, enabling the cities to count down together. The most crowded city was the capital, Taipei, where most people gathered by Taipei 101 and shopping centers in its vicinity. The tower was located in the shopping and financial area of the Xenia District. People gathered around the streets of Taipei 101 as they count down. With each number they count, one of the layers of Taipei 101 (eight floors per layer) lights up until 0, when the fireworks shoot out from the top of each layer (eight layers excluding a layer under the antenna) in different directions, as shown in the picture at right.

In Canada New Year celebration varies from nation to nation. Major cities like Toronto and Montreal New Year celebrates with music and fireworks in the midnight.

Even in the country like Pakistan, coalition partner in War against terrorism, New Year celebration is arranged officially at beach of Karachi where a large crowd is expected to see the fireworks along with the fountain showering.

The New Year thus has proved to be the time to stop thinking about the old worries and start a fresh life with glee and happiness. May this year brings peace and harmony among the countries of the world.

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